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Spendthrift Trusts

Benefits of a Wyoming Asset Protection Trust (also known as a Spendthrift Trust)

  1. It is PRIVATE – A Wyoming Asset Protection Trust is not an entity filed with the State of Wyoming, so there is no public record of it.
  2. It can own CASH, property, stock, or any other asset.
  3. It provides protection that is IRON CLAD. The assets inside cannot be used to satisfy the debts of the one who created the spendthrift trust.
  4. A Private Trust Company can be used as the Trustee.
  5. Considerable Flexibility and Control are maintained. An LLC can be the beneficiary. The LLC can be managed by the creator. The members can be changed by the creator.
  6. In 2013 a major tax change is expected, affecting the way trusts are taxed. DO IT NOW, and be grandfathered in under existing laws.

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Spendthrift Trust