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Category: Trusts

Living Trusts: Rest, Recreation, and Relaxation in Wyoming

Remember when they used to call it exercise? Now we call it “staying fit”. When I was a kid we went on a vacation in the summer, but now we go on an “exotic vacation”. The words may change, but in a quest to stay young, these remain the right […]

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Personal Growth via Living Trusts in Wyoming

We all have this need as we grow older, but boomers have always had it. It has been described as being “on a perpetual voyage to the interior”. It can be an overwhelming need for self fulfillment. If you have a cause, or a desire to do volunteer work, this […]

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Benefits of a Wyoming Asset Protection Trust (also known as a Spendthrift Trust)

It is PRIVATE – It is not an entity filed with the State of Wyoming, so there is no public record of it. It can own CASH, property, stock, or any other asset. It provides protection that is IRON CLAD. The assets inside cannot be used to satisfy the debts of […]

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