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Retirement Planning: Stay Connected With the Ones You Love

Another concern of Baby Boomers is the desire for a continued connection with their friends, families, as well as society.

I just returned from my sisters wedding. It was great to re-connect with old friends, and get updates on their families, and our friends. The Boomers want to stay in touch. Most of us have a favorite cause. During our times, the environmental movement got it’s start. This generation has started organization after organization to fight disease. Causes are a fundamental characteristic of the Boomer generation because of their connection with society.

In retirement one need not lose those ties, nor abandon them. Find one that is important to you. Then participate in the cause, contribute time or money to it. You will find people you like, and people to connect with because of similar interests.

Your values are still there, just find a way to see them function, and a way to express them.